Swinburne Uni Radio

An awesome graphic I picked up in Scrag (now Swine) of Tim Robinson, one of the very early participants in Swinburne radio. What better way to commemorate the 70s than a student radio officer with a mullet? Swinburne Radio went through a few phases, starting as 3RS, then 3SSS, 3SW and landing neatly on the 3SSR we know today. Swinburne has always been active on the student radio scene, and their radio’s history is characterised by extraordinary passion battling fierce student apathy. Such is life at a student radio station!

Cheers to the State Library of Victoria for access to the archives! Please note journal dates are currently unknown, I am working on it but approximate 1972. #radio #studentradio #independentwriting #independentpublishing #independentscholarship #australianhistory #studentmedia #communityhistory #communityradio #mullet #cartoon #studentnewspaper #swinburne #swinburneuniversity #3SSR #3SW #swinburnewireless #swinburnestudentradio #diy #broadcasting #broadcast

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