This is part of a history book project which will be self published and fully independent. Radical baby! Find out more studentradiohistory.com.au This is the first time student radio history has EVER been put down on paper or podcast in Australia. It is not through a university or a commercial publisher.

My name is Rafal Alumairy, I’m a writer in Melbourne, Victoria. I’ve recently finished self funded visits to every capital city in Australia to visit the libraries as part of the book. I’ve volunteered or been involved with PBS 106.7FM, 3CR Radical Radio; I was Vice-President of Radio Monash at Monash University and I’m currently an active member of SYN Media (syn.org.au). I don’t like long walks on the beach because I’m allergic to everything, I do like independent media and crossword puzzles and Afghani food. I daylight as a Receptionist and work eight days a week on this book project (and I love it!)

If you’d like to support me, follow the website or Facebook or Instagram for exciting developments on this ongoing project!