Flinders Uni Radio

Grand old time trolling through old copies of Empire Times – this series was 1993, just before the student union FUSA broadcast o 101.5fm in 1996. Evidence suggests Flinders Uni students officially broadcast on Radio Adelaide’s student radio programs as early as 1986, alongside Adelaide University Union at The University of Adelaide. Names used to broadcast included Flindersradio, FUR Radio, FLO Radio. Big thank you to the State Library of South Australia and Flinders University Library for access to these records. That is, two plane rides, an Airbnb in Unley and 5 days of non stop, painstaking research. If my eyes don’t fall out first, I look forward to publishing this chapter!

Empire Times, volume 25, 1993

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3ST Eclectic Circus

@synmedia here’s a blast from the past – the clever kids at 3ST, RMIT’s original student radio station, set up these box ads l on pages 3, 8, 9 and 11 of an issue of Catalyst to reveal the 1973 “eclectic circus” campaign. I love the creativity of this ad spread and how 3ST in this period always carved their own path and did something a little different. 3ST was also one of the first campus radio stations in Australia. Eventually they went into an amalgamation of radio stations and projects that become SYN media. Love ya stuff SYN!