Young people @3KND tell me how to make AYPMR an inclusive place for them

“Gen Y standing awkwardly next to Gen Z” would be a good name for the book! – @3KNDradio Melbourne’s Indigenous Radio Station

Me – My name is Rafal Alumairy, I’m an Arabic woman. I was born in Libya, my family is from Iraq, I moved to Australia when I was four and I grew up with Western and Islamic culture.

It was fantastic visiting 3KND Kool ‘N’ Deadly last Thursday to speak to the groovy young people there to ask their advice.

The station manager G-MAN explained that it was polite to introduce myself when I speak to Indigenous people and explain what my roots are, in the manner I did above. This felt amazingly natural although it may take getting used to – it feels wonderful to acknowledge my own identity and I’ll be doing that from now on.

The Zoomers at 3KND were very generous with their time and ideas, and their insightful comments are still going around in my head. A number of things came out of the meeting which I will post about in the near future. I’m really pleased to welcome these radio young people to the Facebook group. I hope that I live up to my promise of making the group not just safe, but a good time and a valuable resource – I’m bloody optimistic!

Over the next few weeks I will be reaching out to other Indigenous radio stations with the same intention. If they are willing to give me their time, I’ll be asking the young people there what their opinions are about young people in radio and how to create an inclusive student radio future.
As I’ve expressed a million times before, I don’t think there is a point to having this group exist if it does not represent and stand up for ALL young people in radio.
If you are a young Indigenous person in radio and you have any ideas, want to join the admin team or join the group and see what it’s about, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

[Photo: February 2021 @ 3KND, taken by Gerry GMAN Lyons, Station manager] Left to Right: Hailey, Rafal, Isaac, Elijah
[Photo: February 2021 @ 3KND, taken by Gerry GMAN Lyons, Station manager] Left to Right: Rafal, Elijah, Hailey, Isaac

Isaac is 20, he runs Midday Rush 12pm-2pm Weekdays 

Elijah is 23 and runs the Rock Show 10pm-Midnight Thursday

Hailey is 20, she’s the receptionist for the station and presents Turnt Up “the freshest, deadliest and slickest Indigenous artists” Fridays 10pm-Midnight

RMIT Student Radio – From Studio 1 to SYN Media

Me and John Hill from Studio 2, a SYN alumnus from 1964! The lineage: In the early 1960s, student radio station “Studio 1” at RMIT turned into Studio 2, then 3ST (as in ST-udio 2), then 3SRA (as in Student Radio Association), which then merged with a licenced high school station in the late 90s to form… SYN Media! John Hill was one of the earliest members of Studio 2 in 1964-1967, and is currently the Senior Engineer for Channel 7. He shared with me stories of on air shenanigans, a rivalry between the student radio station and the ham radio operators, and memories of the Miss Studio 2 pageant. The off-air interview took place in SYN’s brand spankin’ new studios, the successor to Studio 2 fifty years down the road. Stay tuned for developments on the book which will publish the entire story of Australia’s student radio history for the first time.

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Swinburne Uni Radio

An awesome graphic I picked up in Scrag (now Swine) of Tim Robinson, one of the very early participants in Swinburne radio. What better way to commemorate the 70s than a student radio officer with a mullet? Swinburne Radio went through a few phases, starting as 3RS, then 3SSS, 3SW and landing neatly on the 3SSR we know today. Swinburne has always been active on the student radio scene, and their radio’s history is characterised by extraordinary passion battling fierce student apathy. Such is life at a student radio station!

Cheers to the State Library of Victoria for access to the archives! Please note journal dates are currently unknown, I am working on it but approximate 1972. #radio #studentradio #independentwriting #independentpublishing #independentscholarship #australianhistory #studentmedia #communityhistory #communityradio #mullet #cartoon #studentnewspaper #swinburne #swinburneuniversity #3SSR #3SW #swinburnewireless #swinburnestudentradio #diy #broadcasting #broadcast

Ralph Knight Interview

The first interview of the entire book; here I am pictured with Ralph Knight of 3CR Community Radio last year. Although Ralph was not involved in the student stations I was hoping, he was heavily involved in the beginning of 3CR and 3RPH (now Vision Australia Radio) in Melbourne and has worked in Australian radio and television for over 40 years. You can still catch Ralph on Swing & Sway (mad show!) every Sunday. In this first interview, I was 23 and will admit now I had no idea what I was doing. But jumping in head first paid off and this lead to a chain of referrals which allowed me to complete my first chapter on one of the first student radio stations in Australia, 3DR Draft Resistance Radio (pirate radio). Thank you for your time Ralph and your hard work!

Rafal Alumairy, Ralph Knight in 3CR studios

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3ST Eclectic Circus

@synmedia here’s a blast from the past – the clever kids at 3ST, RMIT’s original student radio station, set up these box ads l on pages 3, 8, 9 and 11 of an issue of Catalyst to reveal the 1973 “eclectic circus” campaign. I love the creativity of this ad spread and how 3ST in this period always carved their own path and did something a little different. 3ST was also one of the first campus radio stations in Australia. Eventually they went into an amalgamation of radio stations and projects that become SYN media. Love ya stuff SYN!