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If you have a media enquiry, contact me on, if you dare.

I am the foremost expert on Student Radio in Australia – sounds weird to say something so dramatic but it’s also absolutely true. This is not only because of the extensive research I’ve done on the subject, and because I’ve been part of student-radio-in-Australia, but also due to the fact that no one else knows that much about it! This expertise extends into relevant parts of community radio history. If your show or TikTok or whatever new thing would like to know more about the ILLUSTRIOUS and SCANDALOUS history of student or youth radio, give us a buzz and we’ll arrange something!

Interview on Radio Survivor

The legends with the US Program (show, podcast and website) interviewed me while I was having an anxiety attack, enjoy!

Radio Survivor

Interview with Arcane Radio Trivia

A US blog dedicated to all weird radio things, almost like it was made for me! This was an interview via email.


Interview with Art Smitten on SYN

The first official interview for the book, with the arts program Art Smitten on SYN radio in Melbourne.

Art Smitten